by Abbey Nex

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This is the debut album from Abbey Nex.


released April 1, 2014

All songs written by Filip Abbey
Mixed, mastered, & engineered by Filip Abbey & Alan Labiner at Secret Weapon Studios, Brooklyn, NY
All photos and design by S. Jenx at The Fall Studios www.thefallstudios.com



all rights reserved


Abbey Nex New York, New York

Best known as:

Guitarist/Bassist of COMBICHRIST
Former Bassist/Drummer of PSYCLON NINE
Former Bassist/Drummer of NOCTURNE


Abbey Nex is at the forefront of musicians in the global goth/ industrial scene. His solo music is about extremism, reality & the lack thereof.
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Track Name: Essersmooter
Essersmooter is not this thing you get
Bring the problem up a notch just to see the outcome
you failed at life and now forgot that you even had one
crossed the line and burnt a bridge, for what? This fucking hole you dig?
you can't even be reminded, we all fall victim.
torn apart the only thing you promised to yourself and them
felt strong but now our only human way to comprehend
this loss in life, what you expect, our fucking quests and signs misread
could this be preserved and dealt if you would fucking kill yourself?
To even try to correct would be our death, to start from scratch
to throw our seed into the snatch
the perfect born becomes a wreck
provide us means to do our best
forgive us not our past regret
we should not be reminded
we cannot be reminded
Track Name: Elevate The Pressure
Some signs move softly to elevate the pressure caused by seas of love and fate
some stars move softly and all will fade
some stars will offer a choice to make
those stars will show us their thoughts portrayed in the form of dying, their light escapes
Track Name: Excuses
Where is your focus? Don't feel like you owe us. I can see you're lost. All your ideas seem tossed.
Seems your stuck in the past. Scared that your life's too fast, and that you'll finish last. Accuse some god for punishing you. Which one's your life boat? Can you be sure that it floats? Need inspirational quotes, read by the ones that warned you? State your philosophy, claim that it's better than me. You're caught in the updraft of what the rest of the world lacks. Did you ever just wake up and figure today should not have happened? All your decisions have turned into a world of distraction. Your future ideas twist another dirrection. The people you know lack any particular passion. Your country and this world are responsible for all of your actions. Distrust is your first primal reaction. You're sad when you know no one is paying attention. Who cares I your great? You still influence ingrates. Discourage the ones that needed your affection. Guide peoples lives into non-stop depression. Manipulate the next generation. Pretend you're the one with the ultimate message.
Track Name: False Mystics
False mystics, they feed on neurotics
the more that they want it, they crawl right back to what they have given up
False pretense and still you all bought it, follow all the vomit
do nothing but contaminate the medium
go find extream absolution
solid mind to withstand persecution
Blood vomit, you can't try and stop it
it's gross that you caught it
look down to see what you are throwing up
The teaching puts strain on believing
weakness at the pulpit believes in your wallet
crossed convent, women serving regret
extremist elegance
the threat only exists if you breath it in
Track Name: The Point
There is a point where this life will be forgotten
dreamt for the last time
resistance has focused on ignorant choices
“thoughts” still warp space/time
our consciousness divides to form worlds we still belong in
why do we continue to drop these facts so often?
Fixed hope, our thinking is the universe
Track Name: The Solution
The great mind found a solution, lost in mindsets that do more confusion than good. It bled to to fall apart, still, you criticize it just for doing it's job. A big price on fallen gods. The black death seeks demonic cause beat down, eager, ready to fight. Veins full of hatred. May as well shut him down, who knows how far he'll disrupt the process. How can you just stand their knowing? It's easier to fail. Own yourself and prevail. Don't let them stop us, the'll try.
Bleep them, test it, find the confusion. Aim crosshairs on his institution. Project their shame on city walls. Show who suffers when they're doing their job. They'll try and stop us. Who knows how far they'll go? They'll try but we keep on growing.
You were not meant to fail. Measure your heart to scale, for love that's this red must be guarded.
Track Name: Spite
I'd just rather force myself to give in
I don't wanna know myself
I'd just rather fool myself and pretend that Im not aware and I can't help it
as close as a distant call, I'll give in and degrade the quality of my life
It's clear that I've found myself and yet still I don't really know myself at all
I have done more damage than I can take
Is it right to impolre myself or hate myself/destroy myself?
Heart pulsing, pumping near me
internal act of stellar beating me
a threat focused on people seeming to make it better
a precedent set for us to make nothing better, make you want better
to everyone that's lost their faith in...
I know that I cannot replace it
to everyone that lost their faith in...
I don't need to force myself to give in
I already know that I'll degrade
I already know myself enough to know that I shouldn't trust myself just one bit
maybe I should promise the next of kin all of our past fathers have lived in sin
I don't want to kill myself but I do want to die and free myself from life
I have done more damage than I can take
Is it right to implore myself, or hate myself/destroy myself?
Track Name: Devoid
Why's it empty above the clouds? Shouldn't there be, at least, something else? Life shows me that we're all believers in something else and maybe all this empty in our sky is doubt. Soon, time has to run out.
Track Name: Comprehension
Listen, a nobody with something to say
your brain won't get it by the end of the day
no comprehension
hold onto this because everything gets worse
we are not meant for this comprehension
until we realize how far we've come
we can't lift our spirits
your war will never be won
we're finally shown our small place in time
and we'll be needing great truthes and lies
we'll have to find out the real divine
pumping my heart with your mind
we are not meant for this comprehension
ended by the fabric tearing forced into oblivion
we are are not meant for this comprehension
started by a massive burning energy inside it
think about it...
we are not meant for this comprehension
as far as we see it we're all fucked anyhow
and help wont makeup for your chemical makeup
as far as we can see it there is nowhere to go
we'll all join forces and it will take us to hell